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This page is about Cusp inc's work about making people's work lives feel better and mean more

Cusp inc is the creative arm of artist producer, Sarah Pickthall and her project work with artists, digital creatives and critical thinkers.

Cusp inc is a leader in the creation and development of arts projects with equality and inclusion central.

Cusp Inc has worked with a diversity of artists, arts organisations and projects across the UK, South America, Australia and Japan for many years.

Cusp inc’s approach to working with people is what sets it apart.  We have built trust and respect over many years for the way we do things.

email sarah@cuspinc.org 07956853150

Cusp Inc is my creative challenge to the status quo. The way i see and experience the world is what makes the work I do distinctive.

Sarah Pickthall - Director, Cuspinc


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