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This page is about Cusp inc's work about making people's work lives feel better and mean more

Pushing the Boundaries

Cusp Inc - a creative resource and production house working with individuals and organisations who want to galvanise their work and life environments and make them more meaningful and equitable. Cusp Inc has over 20 years of experience developing a diversity of artists, organisations and projects in the UK, South America & Japan.


Supporting organizations to move through the most difficult of terrains and realise their true potential and power.

Community production

Building people's opinions and ideas into groundbreaking projects.  We are perfectly placed to support you to involve people in the right way in the work that you do because we truly represent diverse communities of all ages and we understand what is important to them.


Bringing people to a new sense of themselves, we design our coaching programmes around you.

For the edges that make us human

Cusp inc’s approach to working with people is what sets it apart. We have built trust and respect over many years  for the way we do things. Cusp inc is led by Sarah Pickthall working with artistic and coaching associates and partners.

Sarah has worked with us to develop an outstanding community project that is admired right across the south east region  

Lorna Brown, MBE, Former Head of Arts and Culture, West Sussex County Council

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Loyal Enemy

A journey with my great great uncle Mohammed Pickthall translator of the Qu'ran

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